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Special Exhibition Activity Guides

A perfect resource for your classroom! In addition to bringing your students to Great Lakes Science Center to tour special exhibitions, we welcome you to use these activity guides when you return to your classroom. Click on the links below to access each activity guide, with content ranging from engineering to ancient civilizations!

Although this guide was designed to accompany students visiting this special exhibition, it is full of background information, on-line resources and ideas related to classification, natural selection and evolution. Produced by the American Museum of Natural History. Download the guide.

Design Zone
These materials have been developed as a supplementary resource for educators bringing their students to the Design Zone exhibit. Included are background information, connections to standards, strategies for working with students in the exhibit, classroom activities that tie to the exhibit, and the Active Learning Log—an open-ended worksheet for students to fill out while exploring the exhibit. The various materials can be used independently, combined to ensure a rich experience for classes visiting Design Zone, or adapted to meet your classroom goals. Download the guide.

Goose Bumps! The Science of Fear
Learn about the biological nature of fear using activities from this great resource from our friends at the California Science Center. The materials address life sciences content, especially in the area of stimulus/response, homeostasis and regulation. Download the guide.

Great Lakes Story
There’s no place like H.O.M.E.S.! Math, geography and ecosystems are all key components of this collection of activities developed right here at Great Lakes Science Center. Use this guide to incorporate place-based science and math in your classroom. Download the guide.

Lost Egypt
Explore ancient Egyptian culture using activities and a wealth of background material from our friends at COSI. In addition to the strong social studies link, these activities challenge students to think like scientists and write about their ideas. Download the guide.

Robots + Us
This guide was designed to accompany students visiting this special exhibition, but the team at the Science Museum of Minnesota have packed it full of on-line resources, suggested readings and fun ideas that will make it useful for any class studying robots and their impact on society! Download the guide.

Strange Matter
This guide is packed with a variety of activites, including online resources and links to vendors for getting cool props to enhance your materials science demonstrations! Download the guide.  

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition
Language arts, geography and engineering are just a few of the content areas developed in this set of guides from RMS Titanic, Inc. Use this fascinating story as the setting for exciting classroom experiences.

Download the Elementary School guide: Download the guide.
Download the Middle School guide: Download the guide.
Download the High School guide: Download the guide.

Water Equals Life
Learn about the water cycle and issues related to water conservation. In addition to activities designed for the exhibition, there are a number of classroom activities and resources included as well. Produced by the American Museum of Natural History. Download the guide.